Marilyn McMeen Miller Brown
Born 1938
Pen name Marilyn L. Brown, Marilyn McMeen, Marilyn McMeen Brown, Marilyn McMeen Miller, Marilyn Miller
Nationality American

Marilyn Brown is a poet and novelist, and former president of the Association for Mormon Letters.

She is the creator of the eponymous Marilyn Brown Novel Award now administered by Utah State University.


"Thy Servants Are Prepared" (261 and 329 in Hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1985)




The Earthkeepers (1979)
Goodbye, Hello (1984)


Thorns of the Sun: A Novel (1992)
Road to Covered Bridge (1992)
Shadows of Angels (1993)
Royal House: A Novel (1994)
Statehood: A Novel Celebrating Utah's Centennial (1995)


The Holly Christmas: A Novel (2000)
The Wine-Dark Sea of Grass (2000)
Christmas at the M&M (2000)
The Macaroni Christmas Tree (2001)
House on the Sound (2001)
Ghosts of the Oquirrhs (2002)
The Light in the Room (2003)
The Merry Nutcracker (2004)
Serpent in Paradise (2006) (based on the film Brigham City)


Fires of Jerusalem (2010)


The Nutcracker, The Musical

Poetry collectionsEdit

Rainflowers (1969)
I Have Lost My Heart Again. I Pray I Will Not Lose My Head. Amen. (1974)
The Grandmother Tree (1978)

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